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Host: Chip Cooper

  • Chip Cooper

We’ve seen a tsunami of new laws and regulations for online businesses since 2009. Plus aggressive enforcement by the FTC. Violations of some are so serious, they’re actually shocking.… because they can SHUT DOWN YOUR BUSINESS IN A SINGLE DAY!


The Internet Landscape Has Changed!


In this ENCORE webinar, leading Internet attorney Chip Cooper will explain the TOP 7 Legal Gotchas that can SHUT DOWN you online business in a single day. And critically important, what to do about it!

Here’s just a couple –


• Surprise! You Don’t Own Your Website, Software, And The Other Stuff You Outsourced! (Even though you paid for it!!)

• Another Surprise! You’re a Copyright Infringer Because of an Infringing Blog Post By Someone Else – And You Didn’t Even Know About It! (That’s Right, You’re Technically Innocent, But Still Liable For Big Bucks!)


That’s just a sample of what you’ll learn in the powerful, less-than-1-hour REPLAY webinar.


This is really powerful, mission-critical information you absolutely, positively need to know. To protect your online business. Your profits. And your family!


You can’t afford to miss this one… it may be the most important event you’ll attend this year, you need to see this webinar.


Go to the WEBINAR for Mr. Chip Cooper’s FREE replay now!

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