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Host: Jeremy Kelsall

  • Live Webinar With Jeremy Kelsall

Bank Busting Time Machine for Internet Marketer’s!


Jeremy and Don are going to show everyone a completely new and out of the box method that will allow you to beat Google at their own game!

Remember the days when you could rank a squeeze page on the front page of Google for a high traffic keyword? How nice would it be to be able to go back to those days? Before the Panda update, before the duplicate content bomb and before Google just got greedy with how they rank their content! Well this Monday, you’re going to find out EXACTLY how to do it!


Notes from the Jeremy Kelsall


Are you ready to see something totally new and unique? How about something that your list has never seen before? Core Conversions plugin is a piece of software that we’ve been using for about the past year, with GREAT RESULTS.


So far, we have had more testimonials than we can count of people making money literally over night with this plugin WITHOUT DOING ANY ADDITIONAL WORK. Bottom Line is that your list will love this plugin, and our $2+ EPC in our initial tests prove that people can’t wait to add Core Conversions to their arsenal.


Don and Jeremy have created a tool that will allow you to “swap out” a sales or squeeze page for ANY WordPress site that you have online.


So, instead of your visitors seeing the keyword stuffed content that you have to put up so the search engines will rank your site, EACH and EVERY visitor to your site will see the sales page or Squeeze page of your choice.


There is no doubt that this is powerful stuff, and in all honesty, there isn’t another piece of technology like this on the net right now, but Don and Jeremy have agreed to do a webinar showing you exactly how it works, why it works, and give you the whole run down.


Go to the WEBINAR for Mr. Jeremy Kelsall’s FREE replay now!

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