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Host: Mike Cowles

  • Live Webinar With Mike Cowles

How to Easily Create Your Own Products from PLR


A lot of people ask me if they should try to make money as an affiliate or if they should go ahead and create their own product. I normally suggest that people create their own product simply because you can keep all of the money and have affiliates promote it for even more profit.


This sounds pretty easy, but for most people getting started making a product can be a challenge…


Enter Mike Cowles.


Mike has over 30 successful products and has product creation down to a science. If you’ve been online at all, you probably already have a few of his products.


He’s gonna be not only teaching you how to do product creation with PLR, he’s actually going to put one together on the call and set up an affiliate program INSTANTLY on the call!


One of Mike’s signatures is over delivering, and this webinar will be no exception.


Go to the WEBINAR for Mr. Mike Cowles’ FREE replay now!

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