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Host: Mitch Carson

  • How to Get More Clients

How to Harness the Secrets of SMS Autopilot Marketing, Automate Responses & Get More Sales For Your Business



With over 5.9 billion mobile devices in use worldwide, mobile marketing with SMS and the strategic use of QR Codes have created a flood of opportunities not seen in decades. Never in the history of marketing have business owners, sales professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to influence others have had such power at their fingertips.

This is the golden opportunity to tap into before SMS and QR code marketing become commonplace. So how do you engage people, turn them into clients and drive revenues and profits for your business from those you market to in Mitch Carson’s webinar replay.


You will learn how in this free live training webinar by internationally renowned direct marketer, Mitch Carson author of “The Silent Salesmen.”


What you will takeaway from this webinar replay:

  • Where your customers are…and how to reach them.
  • What to say to prospects to turn them into hungry buyers. They will believe they are texting a live person. It is automated. Shhh!
  • The exact roadmap for identifying, engaging, and converting prospects into clients with the use of QR Codes.
  • What to say to a new contact via SMS to get them intrigued with your products and services…and open a sales dialog.
  • How to earn top-of mind positioning for your product or service in one minute, so business opportunities come flooding to you.
  • Mastering the Automation features of SMS marketing to create a never-empty sales funnel of targeted and eager buyers.
  • Stay in touch with all your clients and prospects while you sleep.


“Set it and forget it” marketing and client contact:


  • A little-known method for reaching out to prospects that no one else uses.
  • How you can reach and engage anyone you want to meet on their mobile…and how to turn them into loyal customers…even internationally!
  • Why growing your network is crucial to success, and how to add thousands of contacts instantly.
  • Multiple ways to respond to prospects on autopilot,
  • Which methods of contacting prospects works every time…guaranteed.
  • Find the little-known secrets the millionaire marketers use to contact clients on their phones while they are sleeping.


Go to the WEBINAR for Mr. Mitch Carson’s FREE replay now!


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