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Host: Zachary Clinton Swinehart

  • wifi diagram, pulled from the pages of Recipes for a 5-Star Library MaintainIT Cookbook

How to Rid Yourself of Technology Problems – FOR GOOD!



Zach Swinehart, a long-time geek and technological expert, is putting on a webinar that will show you how to permanently solve your technical problems, and you can attend for Free!

Zach’s not going to be talking about some new confusing piece of software.


What Zach shows you is how to find your very own geek that will do the techy stuff for you! Best of all, your dream geek will work for pennies on the dollar.


  • Learn what a geek is and how they can help you,
  • The 4 approaches you can use to find geeks,
  • How to interview your potential geeks to find the right one,
  • How to work with your geek,
  • And much more…


Go to the WEBINAR for Mr. Zachary Clinton Winehart’s FREE replay now!

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